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Coronavirus in English

Publicerad den 16 mars 2020

The public health authority now assesses the risk of spreading the corona virus as very high, and calls for minimizing contact with people who have mild symptoms of respiratory infection.

Timråbo has therefore decided:

1) If the tenant in an apartment has mild symptoms of respiratory infection (such as cough, fever, sniff, sore throat), only acute errors will be dealt with in the apartment. We will ask about these symptoms at the time of the error report and at scheduled meetings. The tenants then have a moral social responsibility to tell if this is so. If you answer yes, our staff will cancel the visit immediately, if the case is not urgent. A new physical visit will be able to be booked at the earliest after April 15, we will return the message to the tenants. 

2) If you have a cough, fever, sniff or sore throat, you must not stay in our work rooms, such as our reception, office or janitorial offices. Booked appointments will be canceled if someone in the visitor's household shows symptoms, and we will primarily refer to continued contact via email or phone.

3) We urge all our tenants not to report non-emergency errors at this time. 

4) Our staff will not touch tenants, for example with hand greeting. We will keep distance from tenants we meet in the area. We urge all tenants to do the same.

These decisions apply from 14 March and currently until 15 April. The measures and times may change quickly, we inform about changes to our website.

We take our social responsibility to reduce possible spread to risk groups, as well as to reduce the risk of high pressure on healthcare - and we need your help in this.
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